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Mihir Soni

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Capturing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

Welcome to the world through my eyes. For over half a decade, I’ve traversed through India, camera in hand, capturing fleeting moments and eternal beauties alike. From the untamed wilderness to the urban sprawl, my journey in photography has been one of endless discovery.


Through my lens, I have witnessed the Himalayas blush at dawn, and the streets of Delhi pulse with unyielding life. Each click is a conversation, every picture a narrative, capturing the transient and the eternal. My journey is more than a mere collection of images; it’s a chronicle of India, narrated through shadows, light, and the silent stories of the people.


Capturing India's Essence Through My Lens

With over five years of experience in photography, I’ve traversed India’s diverse landscapes, immortalizing moments in time. From capturing the early morning serenity of the Himalayas to documenting the vibrant energy of Delhi’s streets, my camera has been my tool for storytelling. Each frame I capture is a testament to the beauty and complexity of India, as seen through a lens that seeks to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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